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Our Big Idea

Our company is leveraging natural human resistance to infectious disease

Despite the growing burden of infectious diseases, a proportion of individuals exposed to infectious pathogens, anywhere from ~0.2% to 25%, effectively control or even clear the most pathogenic and chronic infections. Ichor Biologics has developed a platform that exploits the evolution of human resistance to infectious diseases by identifying the immunological signatures associated with protection, in order to develop antibodies that mimic those protective signatures. These antibodies can then be used as therapeutics to confer protection in individuals that have succumb to disease states.

Our Technology

Ichor has developed a high-throughput antibody development platform

Our platform consists of three pillars of technological innovation. First, is our ability to identify the key immune responses that correlate with protection from a given infectious disease. As part of this innovation, we have developed several novel assays that can measure pathogen specific responses in patients, even years after recovering from an infection. Secondly, we developed a highly efficient and novel methodology for producing and presenting pathogen antigens, thereby facilitating the isolation of high affinity, pathogen-specific Abs. Lastly, we have developed proprietary machine learning software that allow for the identification of Ab binding sites, as well as generating Ab variants that may work more efficiently against the pathogen and increase the clinical efficacy of our products.

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