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In addition to developing our own therapeutics, we offer our expert services to assist clients in the development and commercialization of their own therapeutic antibodies. Our scientific experts offer decades of experience in research and clinical development of targeted therapies and diagnostics. We help our clients to accelerate their research and development in order to rapidly realize the full commercial potential of their products.
Antibody Generation
We facilitate antibody generation for our clients by: consulting with our clients to find the best and most cost effective methods to meet their needs, generating of protein Immunogens using a number of expression systems, design custom protein immunogens to produced antibodies against linear as well as conformational epitopes.

Antibody Labelling
The direct labeling/conjugation of antibodies with different kinds of immunofluorescent or enzymatic tags enable the quantification and detection bound antibodies without the need of staining with secondary antibodies.

In-silico Optimization
Once candidate antibodies have been generated, we use our proprietary bioinformatic software to analyze the structural conformation of the antigen recognition regions within candidate antibodies. In tandem, the immunogen regions recognized by these antibodies are mapped allowing for the molecular modeling of antigen-antibody interactions. In-silico antibody “maturation” is then preformed using proprietary software and the analysis is used to to generate candidate antibodies with higher affinity for targeted immunogens.

Consulting and Innovation
Ichor Biologics offers specialized consulting services related to the development of theraputic monoclonal antibodies. Our experts have over 20 years of scientific expertise in Immunology, Virology, vaccine design and antibody development. We provide our company clients with a comprehensive assessment of their portfolio of scientific projects, so as to identify those with the greatest translational potential.

Clients / Sponsors
We specialize in helping our clients evaluate, develop and refine their scientific ideas, in order to maximize the utility and translational potential of any therapeutic candidate.
We work to provide our clients with the most objective and critical analysis, in order to save both time and money at the early stages of therapeutic development. We offer a comprehensive review of the translational potential of therapeutic agents and drug targets.